Licensed Art Rental Service

Finding suitable licensed Art Works for Film, TV and Advertising sets can be very time consuming and tie up scarce time and resources of the graphics dept.

I supply framed licensed images for rental ready for hanging with the relevant clearance.  Images can be delivered to your prop room by arrangement.

  • Large Format Images from this website are of High Quality (20 MG+) that can be printed up to ANY size e.g. Original Raw images can be printed up to a beautiful fine art print at 20 x 30 “/ 50 x 76 cm or a huge canvas print.

  • Stills Bespoke Photography of particular images required, available to order.
  • Other Art works in other genres can also be created to order. Price on Application.

* All these images are copyrighted and must be licensed before use.


Frames can be provided from retail or bespoke where specified.

Rental Prices :  

Rental of €90 per licensed framed mounted photo (roughly 50×30 cm) image to order, for the duration of a series filming.

Approx €120 for any framed larger prints .

Discounts for ordering bulk images

Delivery/collections details on application

Artworks must be returned in original condition. 

Contact Details


Phone : 0872471385